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Mosser Glass Christmas Vintage Style Jadeite Christmas Tree 8 inch


Christmas is special with Mosser Glass Christmas trees..We sell these trees all of the year long and now introducing them to
Etsy. This is the large jadeite green 8 inch tree...(the picture is a standard tree---which is used in all of my pictures--and
does not specifically depict the size...they come in 3 sizes...2.75,5.5,and 8 inch..)

These trees are hand made by the Mosser glass company and each tree may be a bit different--one from another...the Jadeite
trees in all sizes are the most popular..They bring back the old days,,,but new..

One picture shows the 3 sizes so you can see what they look like together..

Selling these trees in eaches....not in 3... Set of 3 in another listing...

Item comes direct from mosser glass to you to guarantee you it is an original...

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mosser glass jade christmas tree 8 inch
mosser glass jade set of 3 christmas trees