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Mosser Glass Vintage Milk Glass White Hen on Nest or Nesting Hen 6 by 4.5


Here is the Famous Mosser Glass Nesting Hen, Made in USA..Mosser has always been famous for their
creation and reproduction of the Vintage Nesting Hen glass collectible. Others have even tried to copy
the nesting hens from Mosser glass,but none are comparable to theirs in value,quality,and collectibility..

This Mosser Hen is 6 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide..This listing is for the ever popular Milk Glass White glass
hen on nest,nesting hen. White matches anything and this item can be use all year long and placed in any
room in the house.,,,especially nice in kitchens,,perfect farmhouse vintage style nesting hen.White...

Your hen comes direct from Mosser glass to you to insure you get a Mosser original and not a reproduction or
copy cat...Also allows us to ship free to you..

Get your nesting hen today,,,perfect for your home or for a special gift...

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