February 08, 2022

Can you eat or drink from jadeite utensils?

Can you eat or drink from jadeite utensils?

Named after the Spanish word "piedra de ijada," which means "stone of the side," jadeite is a mineral found on the sides of mountains. NaAlSi2O6 is the chemical formula of jadeite. It is a pyroxene mineral. It is monoclinic. Based on its composition, it has a Mohs hardness that varies from 6.5 to 7.0. The most likely rock types to contain jadeite are the ones that formed at a heavier pressure than nephrite. Jadeite is usually encountered along faults in serpentinites or close to them. These deposits are found in China, southern Europe, Myanmar, Surinam, New Zealand, Canada, Guyana, Taiwan, and Russia.

Jadeite, which also goes by the name Fire King Jadeite, is a type of opaque milk glass tableware produced in the United States around the mid-20th century that is green in color.

Jadeite utensils such as jadeite dinnerware and jadeite coffee mugs are very beautiful, collectible, and highly in demand. While these once-abundant pieces are still easy to find, they were sold for several decades as dinnerware for home and restaurant-ware.

How to ensure whether it is jadeite or not?

As jadeite is distinctively green in color, it can easily be distinguished from afar, but not every green piece of glassware & dinnerware is jadeite. Turn the item over to have a look at the company name. Anchor Hocking created the brand "Fire-King" jadeite from the 1940s until the 1970s. It's not jadeite if the item is not a light jade green. There may even be slight swirls in some brands, which vary by the shade of green.

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Does jadeite have lead content?

Jadeite might contain lead. It is impossible to determine the amount of lead used in products made decades ago. Experts suggest that a jadeite mug has a lead content of 20 ppm (parts per million). It is safe to an extent.

You will find a vast selection of cookware featuring this iconic material. If you keep an eye out for yard sales and thrift stores, you can get them for next to nothing. Rare pieces have higher values, so the rare the items are, the higher their price. Because of its iridescent properties, Jadeite is sometimes called Avocado or Ice Green. It differs significantly from other shades of jadeite. Jadeite is primarily a deep hunter green color with blue turquoise traces, purple traces & glitter.

Glass-like glazes are obtained using lead because it gives them a smooth, glossy finish and let the colors and patterns pop. Intense colors are made brighter by lead, so some of the richly colored and patterned dishes have a much high content of lead.

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What level of lead is considered safe?

A level of 90 ppm (parts per million) or less is generally considered safe. We believe this safety recommendation is irrelevant since no quantity of lead is safe. The expert acknowledges that despite the Jadeite mug testing exceeding the safety limits, on average, Jadeite is considered safer than others because it is lower in lead content.

Is jadeite safe?

The answer is yes. Radiation levels in jadeite items are negligibly less, making them safe to handle, eat from & drink. Jadeite is safe to use for drinking and eating. Ceramic materials used in jadeite utensils and jadeite coffee mugs prevent scratches, as opposed to other kitchenware materials. Despite its many advantages, jadeite can break more easily than other kitchenware.

If you are concerned about the lead and other toxins content in jadeite dishes, then you should also feel concerned about the plates you're using right now. Many of the kitchenware, dinnerware & glassware of recent times does have not only high lead content but also have high levels of cadmium, a known carcinogen.

How to wash your jadeite utensils?

You need to take a few simple steps to ensure your jadeite utensils look great. The only thing you need to do after each use is washing it with hot soapy water. Keep your jadeite utensils clean by handwashing them every time. Once you start doing this, you will have a wonderful collection for years to come.

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Can you use a dishwasher to clean jadeite utensils?

The answer is no! Jadeite utensils should never be cleaned in the dishwasher. The old jadeite dishes were not supposed to be cleaned in the dishwasher of modern times. A dishwasher that is heavy enough to wash these old dishes will ruin the quality of jadeite. Over time, you will find your jadeite utensils will lose their shine and luster. It will devalue your glasses. No one wants glassware without value.


We hope the guide will provide you with some clarifications on facts about jadeite. We know that some sites claim all Jadeite dishes are 100% lead-free, but that is false. In the end, you will have to determine what level of lead & other contaminants you tolerate in your dishes.

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