March 30, 2022

Different Types of glass cake stands: Discussing the Basics

Different Types of glass cake stands: Discussing the Basics

Everyone loves cakes. The world is grateful for these soft, gooey, sweet, flavorful, and very delightful sweets. The bakers, on the other hand, deserve special recognition. These gifted individuals work magic with flour, sugar, & flavors to create delightful exquisite tiers of the cakes you like.

Furthermore, cakes are now utilized for a variety of occasions other than birthday celebrations. You can use cakes from weddings and anniversaries to graduations, engagements, celebrations, & more. As a result, the cake display has taken on a life of its own. As a result, many bakers study the skill of cake presentation and display their work on famous cake stands.

Whenever it comes to the presentation of cakes, no one believes in cake stands anymore. You can't expect to show off your unique baking abilities in the best way if you don't have the correct sort of cake stand. If you want to buy a glass cake stand, opt for a Mosser glass cake stand.

Types of Glass Cake Stands

On that topic, today we'll discuss some popular cake stands that the bakers recommend.

1. Tiered Stands

It may appear that tiered cakes are stacked one on top of another. This is only feasible because of the structural support provided by a tiered stand. You will need a layered stand to work in levels.

Tiered stands consist of a sequence of plates that get smaller and smaller until they create a pyramid shape. They're identical to pedestal stands, with the exception that there are multiple bases for the cake to sit on.

Sets range in size from 2 to 6 tiers, with the last reaching a height of three feet. An 18-inch base is usually followed by plates measuring 16 inches, 14 inches, 12 inches, 10 inches, & 8 inches on a six-tier stand. A supporting post separates each plate. You can use tiered stands, which are usually made of plastic, acrylic for wedding cake decorations or exhibit cupcakes and scones.

Go for a 12-inch cake stand as it is the average diameter.

2. Pedestal Stands

A pedestal cake stand is probably the most ubiquitous of all the styles. You'll find them in cafés and bakeries, and if you bake, you're likely to have one at home.

The pedestal stand consists of the main base and a 3-6 inch long pillar. The base is available in a variety of sizes (6 to 12 inches) accompanied by a clear glass plate dome, which keeps the cake fresh while it is on display. The most frequent support for most cakes is a pedestal. It comes in a variety of materials: porcelain is by far the most common, but crystal, plastic & wooden stands also are widespread.

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3. Plateau Stands

Plateau stands are a type of interpersonal pedestal stand that one can use around the house when entertaining guests. The base is similar to a pedestal stand & comes in a variety of sizes. Yet, instead of one main pillar, it has 3 or 4 short legs, which allow cakes to be the focal point of a dining or buffet table.

4. Floating Stands

Floating stands are similar to tiered cake stands. Instead of going through the middle, the location of the supporting bars is solely on a single side of the stand. The style of the stand, when decorated, gives the idea that the cakes are floating, therefore the name. The ideal way to display ornate wedding cakes is on a floating platform.

If you are interested in ordering a glass cake stand, go for a Mosser glass cake stand.

How to Make Your Cake Stand Look Better

Cake stands aren't cheap, yet most of us only have one. Having the same cakes stand for every potential birthday celebration, anniversary, as well as other events may get tedious. While acquiring a new wedding cake is not an option. You may improve its appearance to provide it with a new look. Let's have a peek at how we can do this.

1. Consider the Occasion

Make your cake stand unique for the occasion. If it's Halloween, add a spider cutout to the mix to make it more festive. A spider mat placed beneath the cupcakes would also add to their charm. If it's Christmas, wrap the cake with holly leaves and place it on a stand. You may also add a chain of beads or other embellishments to the cake stand. Decorating your cake with a lace ribbon will also add to its overall charm.

Go for a 12-inch cake stand as it is an ideal size.

2. Accessorize

Working on the cake stand to make it seem different is not always necessary. Adding accessories to the environment may sometimes offer a sense of freshness. If you're having a tea party, for example, placing a beautiful porcelain cup & saucer beside the cake can assist in emphasising the theme. If the event is a wedding, you can place a traditional set of champagne glasses or exquisite votive candles next to the cake on the table. A lovely touch would be to drape a pearl necklace over the cake stand. To add some color to the cake stand, attach some colored ribbons to it.

Use your imagination to enhance the appearance of your cake. A simple tweak here and there may completely transform the look of the cake stand. Purchase a cake stand that is appropriate for the size of the cake you are making. Also, see if the cake stand can support the weight. 

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So, there you have it! Why not buy in one of these ten fashionable but adorable cake stands now that you've learned about them? Check the cake stand trends and buy cake stand from any reputable internet retailer for additional information. Happy baking!

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