October 01, 2021

Discussing the Features of a Moser Glass

Discussing the Features of a Moser Glass

Moser glass is regarded as one of the most numismatic types of glass ever shaped; from gilded antique vases to a Moser glass cake stand, the top quality & beautiful designs of these items make them a perfect choice of glass collectors across the globe. 

Even though the company still creates luxury glassware for contemporary customers, there is though competition for owning some of their antique items. Now let’s learn about the features of Moser Glass & what makes it one of the best in the world.

Moser Glass Company’s History

In 1857, Ludwig Moser founded the Moser Glass Company in Czechoslovakia & was focused on developing top-quality, engraved glass items. Later in 1873, Ludwig Moser got an award at the Vienna International Exhibition, leading to an increased interest in his commodities. In 1893, Ludwig Moser expanded his business to develop a full-service glassworks profession that employed over four hundred people. 

By 1904, Ludwig Moser got hired to develop glassware for the Imperial Court of Austria. His continual connection with several royal courts exhilarated the company to form the catchphrase “King of Glass, Glass of Kings.” 

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Unfortunately, the incredible success of the company couldn’t cope with German invasions in the course of World War II & several workers of the company were sent to extermination camps. In reprisal, the remaining workers deliberately developed flawed glass to set up in tank windows & filter glasses that might shatter upon shock. 

Surprisingly, the company was one of only fifteen granted autonomy by communist forces in the postbellum period, & the glass manufacturer, in fact, remains an incredibly profitable maker of glassware until today.

Characteristics & Styles of Moser Glass

There are several different styles of Moser glass, all these ranges in shape & color. So, before getting your 10-inch cake stand, take a look at some Moser glass’ characteristics that collectors pick out today:

  • Relief designs

Many of the vases & drinkware items of Moser were developed with various motifs engraved into them using superficial relief techniques.

  • Hoffman designs

Items made by Johann Hoffman, one of the early designers of the company, are often found in black or opaque purple colors & feature portrayals of animals & the female nude.

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  • Rich colors

Moser glasses are commonly made in rich colors such as purple, amber, & dark blue.

How to Identify Moser Glass?

Well, Moser was amongst the few Czechoslovakian glassware companies to sign their commodities, making it an easy matter to pick out their beautiful glass. However, not every Moser item is signed. There are other details you might look for as pointers that a glassware item originated from the Moser Glass Company, like:

  • Quality

Moser glassware is famous for its quality & the level of excellence within its items; finding imperfections like warping or bubbling could indicate it is not a genuine Moser.

  • Deep-seated decorations

Items that are embellished with gold-leaf will have their decorations profoundly set into the glassware; look for raised edges near the gold-leaf patterns to see if they have been appended close to the surface.

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  • Pontil

Look for pontil marks on your glass; Moser glasswares were mouth-blown & will have a pontil mark from where the blowers had the item attached to a bar.

Glassware Fit for Royalty

In terms of artisanship, there is genuinely nothing that competes with the items of Moser company. Their antique glassware can adequately cost a lot of money & is held in the collections of prestigious estates across the globe. 

Most individuals do not have the chance to collect Moser glassware on their own. But, by buying a Moser cake stand, you too might take in the legendary work of the Moser company.

How to Care for Your Moser Glassware?

Moser glass is a great example of Czechoslovakian artisanship. So, if you happen to have an item in your collection, you must avoid washing it in a dishwasher or using it in a microwave at all costs. 

Moser glass items, like a 12-inch cake stand, should always be cleaned utilizing a gentle soap; place a dishtowel at the base of the sink prior to filling it with water to prevent your Moser glass from breaking or chipping. Dry your item with the help of a soft cloth & keep the glass away from sunshine. By taking proper care of your Moser glass, you will get an heirloom to pass on for generations.


Due to Moser glassware's incredibly top-quality construction, these glasses are very famous. However, now that you got all the ideas regarding the features of Moser glass, we hope you will face no difficulty while buying them.

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