August 17, 2021

How can you identify real jadeite?

How can you identify real jadeite?

Jadeite is denser, rarer, & harder gemstone & is one of the most sought gemstones with a very high demand throughout the world. It comes in a wider variety of colors& is used in jewelry, ornaments, tools, weapons, & gemstones. Moreover, you can also find jadeite being used to make a jadeite cake stand as well.

For some civilizations, jadeite holds significant cultural & historical significance. Due to high demand & jadeite’s relatively higher cost, numerous unscrupulous dealers might try to sell false jadeite as the real thing. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that you are purchasing the real jadeite to avoid getting cheated.

Methods to Identify Real Jadeite

There are many easy methods to check if your jadeite is authentic, but note that these are not sure-fire methods. However, they will give you a preliminary idea about the jadeite. So, before buying your jadeite cake stand, take a look at these methods.

1. Check for Flaws

Although flaws in gemstones are generally considered a drawback, they might sometimes be a boon in disguise. Flaws in jadeite reveal that the gemstone is likely authentic.

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Hold your jadeite under a light source & carefully inspect it. Search for impurities resembling fine vein-like texture. If you see bubbles inside your jadeite, likely, your jadeite is not genuine.

Moreover, to examine your jadeite carefully, you might get yourself a jeweler’s lens, which magnifies over thirty times, helping you to have a clarified look.

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Take care though. If you are in a jadeite store & you begin inspecting the jadeite thoroughly, you might get on the bad side of the dealer. However, it is never a good sign if the dealer does not like you inspecting their products. It might be that the dealer is trying to cover up something.

2. Scratch Test

Scratch test is one that several jadeite collectors vow by Authentic jadeite is very hard & tough & doesn't scratch with ease. Jadeite is much harder in comparison to other metals used to develop ordinary objects. Meanwhile, steel has a hardness number of five on the Mohs scale, while jadeite ranks six to seven. So, this means jadeite is harder than the metal & shouldn’t be affected if scratched by it.

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To perform this test, grab a metal item, like a knife, a needle, or a pair of scissors, & scratch the surface of your jadeite. Now, what you should look for is whether the metal leaves a stain on your jadeite. However, if you notice that the metal has left a clear scratch in the stone, your jadeite is possibly fake as authentic jadeite can’t be scratched by steel.

While performing the scratch test on your jadeite, remember to use a part of the jadeite that is not promptly visible, such as the underside of a pendant. However, never do a scratch test in a store & even while doing it at home, ensure that you do it in a manner so as not to damage the setting of your jadeite.

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3. Temperature Test

Jadeite is naturally cold to the touch, irrespective of the temperature of its surroundings. Even if placed at a hot temperature, jadeite will maintain its coolness. However, it takes a fair bit of period to warm up & cools down in no time.

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A good method to check is to hold the jadeite in your hand & feel its temperature. It might limber up to the touch of your hand. Now set it aside for some seconds & then take it back in your hand. If your jadeite is real, it would’ve cooled down real soon.

However, the temperature test is a tricky one as it relies on various factors & can be quite a biased test.

4. Sound Test

Original jadeite has a beautiful soft tinkling sound, different than the heavier sound of glass or the hollow noise of plastic. Jadeite is very dense & is often heavier compared to other gemstones of a similar size. However, this test is very effective if you have a piece of authentic jadeite on hand.

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Tap your gemstone in question with a piece of genuine jadeite & carefully listen to the sound it makes. You might also tap your jadeite with a glass piece or a metal object & listen. It should have a resonant heavy tinkling sound.


Sometimes identifying genuine jadeite from a fake can be quite complicated & sometimes even impossible to do conclusively. Therefore, it’s best to buy from a reputable dealer that you can trust. However, now that you know how to test your jadeite’s originality, we hope you don't face any further issues.

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