July 22, 2022

How to confirm if your glass is Mosser?

How to confirm if your glass is Mosser?

Moser glass is regarded as one of the most precious forms of glass ever molded; from ornate antique vases to exquisitely blown tumblers, the superb quality and attractive patterns of these items have made them a favorite of glass collectors worldwide. While the firm still creates premium glassware for modern consumers, purchasing one of its vintage pieces is difficult. Discover how the Mosser glass cake stand came to have such a prestigious reputation & how it came to be displayed in palaces & estates all around the world.

Moser Glass Company's History

Ludwig Moser began the firm in Czechoslovakia in 1857 with the goal of producing high-quality, etched glass items. Moser earned a prize at the Vienna International Exposition in 1873, which heightened interest in his goods. Moser developed his firm in 1893 to become full-service glasswork with over 400 employees. Before opting for the Mosser glass cake dome, know that Moser was contracted in 1904 to design glasses for the Austrian Imperial Family. Because of his continuing association with several royal courts, the business coined the phrase "King of Glass, Glass of Kings."

Unfortunately, the company's extraordinary success could not endure German incursions during Second World War, & many of its employees were deported to concentration camps. In retribution, the surviving employees purposely fabricated faulty glass to place in tank windows & filter glasses that might break on contact. Interestingly, the firm was one of just 15 allowed freedom by communist forces in the post-war period, & the glass producer is still an extremely profitable maker of glasses & Mosser glass cake dome to this day.

How to Identify Moser Glass?

Moser is among the few Czechoslovakian glass firms who signed their wares, making it easy to recognize their lovely glassware. Sadly, not every Moser piece is marked; nevertheless, there are other clues you may check for to determine whether a piece of glassware, like a Mosser glass cake dome, came from the Moser business, like:

  • Quality: Well, Moser glass is recognized for its quality & degree of precision within its pieces; discovering flaws like bubbling or warping might suggest that it is not an authentic Moser.
  • Pontil markings: Look for pontil marks on glassware; vintage Moser glass was mouth-blown & will have a pontil mark from where the glass blowers fastened the piece to a rod.
  • Deep-seated embellishments: Gold-leaf decorations will be deeply set into the Mosser glass cake stand; look for raised margins around the gold-leaf motifs to determine if they've been applied near to the surface.
Moser Glass Styles & Features

Antique Moser glassware comes in a variety of colors & shapes. Here are some of the qualities of Moser glass that collectors recognize today:

  • Hoffman designs: Pieces by one of the company's initial designers, Johann Hoffman, are frequently found in opaque purple or black colors & feature depictions of animals & the female nude.
  • Relief designs: Most of Moser's vases & drinkware pieces were produced with various patterns carved into them using superficial relief techniques.
  • Deep hues: Moser glass products, like a Mosser glass cake stand, are typically created in deep colors such as dark blue, purple, and amber.
  • Zwischengoldglas: This term refers to Moser's 1890s method of pressing gold leaf between two panes of glass & richly adorned flowers.
Antique Moser Glass Prices

Moser glass artifacts might cost a lot of money due to their exceptionally high-quality manufacturing. In one online auction, for example, a pink pillow cup from the early twentieth century is priced for over $10,000. Likewise, a pair of late nineteenth-century Moser vases is up for sale for about $50,000. While it makes obvious that antique artifacts that previously graced castles would command high prices, it is disheartening for casual collectors because most people cannot afford to purchase one of these exceptional pieces.

Moser Glass Maintenance

Antique Moser glass is a stunning example of Czechoslovakian craftsmanship, and if you chance to have one in your inventory, you should never put it in the dishwasher or microwave it. Mosser glass cake stand must only be washed with a soft soap; place a dishtowel in the sink before rinsing it with water to prevent chipping or cracking. Dry your glassware with a soft towel and store it away from sunlight. You'll have a heritage to pass down for years if you take proper care of your glass.


There is nothing that equals the Moser company's items in terms of workmanship. Their glassware is worth a lot of money & may be found in the collections of prestigious estates all over the world. However, we hope this article will be able to help you learn how to identify Moser glass & you will face no further issues.

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