June 07, 2022

How to shop for the right jadeite coffee mug?

How to shop for the right jadeite coffee mug?

Choosing the correct jadeite coffee mugs may make or break your coffee experience. Drinking coffee is much more than a daily habit for many handmade coffee makers; it is a ritual. This habit includes a beloved coffee cup. To drink caffeine in the morning, nothing beats a hefty diner-style porcelain coffee cup (day and night).

While the majority of coffee mugs are chosen at random (gifts, odd coffee shop purchases, & tech event giveaways), there are a few factors to consider if you're deliberately seeking a new jadeite coffee mug.

In this piece, we will go through the numerous factors to consider while looking for a cup to hold your treasured handmade coffee, as well as offer various mugs and cup styles to get you started. We'd love to learn what you look for in a cup of coffee & where you got your favorite jadeite mug.

Think about how you intend to use the coffee mug.

What exactly is the distinction between a coffee mug & a coffee cup? A coffee mug is often defined as a big cup with a handle. The phrase, however, is not precisely defined.

Depending on the manufacturer, big coffee cups with lids meant for use while commuting or traveling may be referred to as mugs or cups.

Before purchasing jadeite coffee mugs, consider how you intend to utilize them. Consider the following questions:

  • Where do you intend to put the mug?
  • What kinds of beverages do you consume?
  • How much caffeine do you consume?

If you only want to use the cup at home, you might not require a big mug with a lid. These qualities, however, may be necessary while traveling with a hot mug of coffee in the car. You should also think about the sorts of beverages you make. If you want to add other ingredients to your coffee, a tall jadeite mug may be necessary to keep the liquid from spilling while you combine it.

The amount of coffee you consume may also influence your decision. Some folks drink whole pots of coffee. A normal 12-cup coffeemaker can create around 58 ounces of coffee, whereas a single serving is 6 to 8 ounces.

Choosing the Correct Coffee Mug Size

The size is one of the initial concerns. The average coffee cup can hold 8 to 13 ounces of liquid. Large mugs may carry between 24 and 36 ounces. Extra-large mugs that contain 64 ounces are available, making them large enough to carry a full pot of coffee.

You may refill the coffee mug whenever you want in your kitchen. A typical 8 to 13-ounce coffee mug would suffice.

A larger size may be required if you require a jadeite coffee mug on the road. A 24-ounce cup may carry 3 to 4 serves if the normal serving size is 6 to 8 ounces.

Choosing the Perfect Lid For Coffee

If you intend to use the mug outside the house, the lid is essential. Because most caps are made of plastic, they should be cleaned after each usage.

There are also several kinds of plastic covers. See-through plastic lids, for example, are available. There are indeed lids with a hole for putting a straw.

Some lids feature a sliding opening, while others feature a tab that flicks open. Accidental spills are more likely with tabs, particularly when the tab becomes worn. Lids with a movable tab tend to offer a bit of additional spill prevention.

You should also consider if the lid screws and snaps on. A snap-on lid may come loose. A screw lid, on the other hand, should remain secure even if the coffee cup is dropped.

Choosing the Right Design

Some coffee drinkers are unconcerned about the style or appearance of the cup, but others seek mugs with specific sayings or ties to their favorite shows or literature.

You may get simple mugs in a single color. Mugs featuring intriguing patterns, vivid colors, or humorous inscriptions are also available. There are also jadeite coffee mugs designed like characters from renowned movies & television shows.

Novelty mugs may be entertaining when sipping coffee in the kitchen. However, they might not always be appropriate for usage in the office, particularly if they include harsh humor.

Selecting a Coffee Mug for the Home

You may not require a lid when selecting a coffee cup for home usage. You also don't have to worry about the mug's capacity because you can quickly refill it by strolling into the kitchen.

The material and style are the most important factors to consider when selecting a mug for the kitchen. When it comes to design, you may select practically anything that appeals to you. Your jadeite coffee mugs can represent your individuality or contain an amusing quote to brighten your mornings.

Selecting a Coffee Mug for the Workplace

When compared to a conventional mug, travel mugs should have a few extra characteristics. You must guarantee that the cup keeps the coffee hot & does not spill out.

When selecting a mug for usage outside the home, consider the lid as well as the size. A screw-on lid is much more secure than a snap-on lid, & you may also choose a lid with a sliding opening, such as the Yeti Rambler.

The size is determined by how much coffee you consume. Remember that a conventional serving size is 6 to 8 ounces, but most individuals pour 12-ounce portions at home. You can put 3 to 4 suggested servings in a 20-23-ounce travel jadeite mug, but they are only a couple of your individual serving sizes.

When selecting a travel mug, consider the design as well. Keep in mind that if you intend to use the mug at work, you must avoid mugs with crass or potentially inappropriate humor.


If you want a jadeite mug to sip your regular coffee while getting ready for work, try choosing a basic ceramic coffee mug. If you need a mug for your commute, make sure it has a cover and is made of sturdy material, like stainless steel. Aside from the characteristics mentioned, you may occasionally encounter other features. There are coffee cups that can be charged by plugging them into a USB port or a vehicle charger. Coffee mugs with styles that utilize batteries to maintain your coffee at the very same degree all day are also available.

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