December 07, 2021

How to take care of your jadeite items?

How to take care of your jadeite items?

Jade, in general, is unique and delicate and thus needs proper care to be long-lasting. If you are an avid collector of jade-based items such as a jadeite mug or jewelry, you probably know how it should be cleaned and maintained. However, if you are new to this, we will talk about cleaning them and keeping them as new as ever.

If you plan to use your regular jewelry cleaners and household cleaning supplies to wash the jade items, you might want to reconsider your ways of maintaining them. You should never make the mistake of putting your jadeite coffee mugs in the dishwasher, as these old items are not meant to be exposed to the heavy-duty dishwashers made today. You will notice that the item will definitely lose its shine, and gradually its value will decrease, which you definitely don't want.

Dishwashers do something to jade-based items that they start looking rough and dull over time. Since these items were never made for the dishwasher, if you take multiple spins in there, it is most likely the items will go beyond repair in terms of collectable value. So, now the question comes, how to take care of these super-sensitive items. Well...let us find out.

Different methods of taking care of the jadeite items

Here, we have put forward some tips to take care of jade-based items such as jadeite coffee mugs (gotta admit coffee mugs are important). Keep reading to find the variety of achieving so:

  • Layout a safe spot for safely storing all your jadeite items

Choose the place which is least vulnerable to unfortunate dropping or accidents. For example, if you have a child at home, they tend to wander here and there curiously, grabbing these items and unintentionally throwing them away. You can safely avoid these oops moments by storing these items at a safe spot like the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet.

  • Avoid freezing your jadeite items at every cost

Do not believe the myth that putting your jade in a cold place like a freezer will improve its translucency to a great extent. There is as such no scientific reason that backs up this widely held belief. In fact, keeping in freezers will only pose a threat of damaging the inner structure of the piece in case any form of liquid seeps through their porous skin and freezes inside. This would later result in volume expansion of the jade item, thereby putting a strain on the crystal structure, which might also cause breakage or cracks.

  • Application of desiccant to store jade items

Actually, jade itself is ambivalent to water in the general environment. However, it is usually recommended to keep the jade-based jewelry items with a desiccant if precious metals are attached. If the environment has high humidity, such as in coastal or tropical areas, storing it like this can be of great help.

  • Strictly avoid exposing jade items to chemicals

Usually, experts recommend not cleaning jade items with common household cleansers as the latter consists of harsh chemicals that have the potential to destroy the natural beauty of the jade items. So, if you take your jadeite mug near a swimming pool or hot tub, be careful, as chlorine can also harm the stone.

  • Use water and mild soap and occasionally oil jade items

You should always avoid cleaning your jadeite items with any alcohol or acid-based solutions. Water is the only solution that is safe to apply to these items. Apart from it, water mixed with mild soap can also render these items clean and nice to look at.

To keep the jade shiny and polished always, you can frequently oil it lightly. The oil helps in repolishing the surface of the stone in order to keep it reflective.

  • Always use a microfiber cloth to wipe the jadeite items

For wiping the jade items, you should always use a microfiber cloth. It gives the stone a smooth and sheen look. Moreover, it will also prevent any form of scratches that might have occurred if you use rough clothes.

  • Keep your jade items separate from other gemstones

When you are keeping your jade-based jewelry items with other jewelry items or gemstones, there is always a risk of the former getting scratches by the other materials. What you can do is place them in a jewelry box in a separate compartment or an independent box on their own.

  • Strictly avoid knocking the jade items against hard surfaces

If you want to keep your jade-based items like jadeite coffee mugs in good and top-notch condition with a stunning appearance, you should be aware of how you are using and storing them. If it is a jadeite mug, it can easily knock off against something in the kitchen, causing it to break or crack. In addition, banging any jade items into other hard objects can cause permanent damage to the piece, thereby devaluing its worth.

  • Avoid exposing the jade items to too low or too high temperature

If you keep jadeite items above 45° even for more than two hours, they will undergo thermal expansion and contraction, causing internal cracks. The same applies if you keep it at a low temperature. If anything, you can keep these items in humid places.

These are some tips and tricks that will keep your jade-based items shining and lustrous for a long time.


Jadeite is a unique stone and thus holds high value when it comes to collectable value. Therefore, if you have anything made of jade, you should take utmost care of it to keep its value intact for the upcoming times.

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