July 29, 2022

Is Jadeite Only Found In Green Color?

Is Jadeite Only Found In Green Color?

Jadeite originates from the early Stone Age, which is an ancient civilization known for trading jade objects as currency and crafting sharp ax heads. People for centuries have fancied objects carved out of jade, such as jadeite jewelry, vessels, plaques, and now jadeite coffee mugs. Nowadays, all such precious artifacts have been preserved in museums all across the world.

Popularly known for its captivating green color, it always leaves people wondering whether or not there's any variation in color. Well, that's what we're going to discuss in this article. But first, let's dive right into the basics.

Defining Jade

First, we need to dig into the stone's origin to have a clear concept regarding jade objects. Let's start with its manufacturing. It's fabricated using two individual minerals: nephrite and jadeite. Up until the mid of 20th century, both the materials were thought to be the same. But, scientists experimenting on the subject came across two different chemical compositions.    

Color Palette

Jade is popularly associated with green, most commonly found in gemstones. However, unlike the blue sapphires and red rubies, jade is available in six types of colors. They are:

  • Yellow
  • Lavender
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Black

Regardless of the color you choose, it exhibits a lustrous look for being so vibrant. The diversity of colors available makes jadeite the perfect material for jewelry. Not merely that, but jadeite mugs are also topping the charts in the home décor industry.

At the same time, it's important to watch out for swindlers who polish the jadeite items to look more precious than they actually are. So, when you buy a jadeite item, make sure the color is original. Plus, you need to remember that a jade stone could have a combination of different shades instead of just one. Such stones are very rare and desirable.

Jadeite stones also carry some sort of energy and exhibit a different meaning. Read on to understand the aesthetic as well as spiritual importance of different types of jadeite. Here are some of the jadeite colors available in the market to choose from.

1. Green: Green jadeite remains the most common, conventional, and expensive piece. It's available in varied hues. It's said that the finest jadeite green seems similar to that of an emerald. You might notice a hint of yellow that is very vibrant. Green-colored jadeite items are associated with the abundance of wealth, peace, and prosperity. In Chinese, the word "Jade" refers to money flows.
    2. Lavender: The lavender jadeite has a sugary dark texture. The color might range anywhere from deep to pale plum. This color is aimed at uplifting your emotional quotient and ensures a flow of spiritual support.
      3. Black: Also popularly known as nephrite, black jade exhibits a sleek, glassy finish. You might come across some flecks texture-wise, which is quite common. It's best suited for carving out jadeite coffee mugs. Black jade stones are recommended as it acts as a shield against negative energies.
        4. Yellow: Yellow is the jade stone that won't burn a hole into your pocket. It's comparatively cheaper. Mostly, yellow-shaded jade stones are associated with authenticity. Yellow jade is a representation of joy and cheerfulness. It leads to enhances comprehension and assimilation.
          5. White: It's associated with purity. The white jade stone comes with a translucent gray-white, opaque or chalky. In order to get a top-notch appearance, it should be well-polished. As said earlier, white symbolizes purity. White jade stones signify a focused mind. It keeps your mind free of distraction, which leads to better decision-making. It exerts a fresh and young vibe.
            6. Red: Occasionally, the red color jade is warmed up to deepen its hue. However, this procedure adversely impacts the value and destroys the translucence. If you wonder what the best red color is, it's pure reddish brown. But, it might vary from a yellowish tint to an orange hue. Red jade strengthens the spiritual force. It helps combat fear and promotes initiation and action.


              We hope now you have got a clear idea when it comes to choosing the right jadeite color. Although green remains the most sought jadeite color, it's not the only option. You can go all in with your creativity. Plus, you should also keep in mind that while buying jadeite, you also have to scrutinize the artistry as it determines the product's value. Investing in jadeite products is worth every penny; there's no doubt about that.

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