November 22, 2021

Things to avoid before you buy jadeite glass

Things to avoid before you buy jadeite glass

Jadeite is a type of glass tableware made of Jade-green opaque milk glass whose popularity in the mid 20th century. Jadeite mug is one such fine example of this unique material. It makes a fine home decor item, and today its popularity has skyrocketed. However, if you are looking for reliable jadeite, it is always important to consider the quality before making any purchase.

Jade has various benefits, such as increasing fortune, grounding, and improving maturity in personal relationships. Over the last few years, the stone’s price has substantially improved. The Chinese use this gemstone for carving ornaments, beads, statues and various decorative artefacts. Thus, it is one of the most sought-after gems in the world.

Since it is expensive and precious, any damage or flaw can significantly reduce its value, not to mention how it will look as your decor piece. Thus, you should make sure it is devoid of any chip, crack, or flaw while buying, as it will determine its value in the future. Be it jadeite decor or jadeite coffee mug; it should look good and add value. Thus, we are listing out some of the things you should strictly avoid while buying jadeite items.

Top 6 things that you should avoid while buying jadeite glass

In many places, jadeite is considered auspicious, and thus you should always be careful while buying them. Also, paying a fortune should make sense. So, we are laying out some of the factors that you should consider. Have a look here:

  • Flea bites

Usually, people consider flea bites as just some fancy work for tiny chips, and it should supposedly be something very small, just like the bite of a flea. Many of the time, they are quite small, and thus they might go undetected. Having said that, flea bites also have the potential of bringing down the value of some on your item; however, it might not be as much as a more visible chip. Today, finding a jade-based item like a jadeite mug that is free of all flea bites on the edge is next to impossible to find. You can commonly find these bites on canister lids and lips. Try to avoid them whenever you can.

  • Cracks

Cracks are the worst thing that can happen to a jade glass. Even if it is a hairline crack, you should never buy it. This is because any crack on these glasses will result in future breakage unless you are planning to keep it solely for display purposes. However, when it comes to jadeite coffee mugs, you should never buy them, as stress on these items can break the handle. More so because a crack reduces the value of a piece significantly, and thus you should avoid it at any cost.

  • Scratches and utensil marks

With continued application over years and years, Jadeite glass might acquire scratches or utensil marks. You’ll see this more commonly on the inside of mixing bowls or on the top surface of dining plates. Often with this, you may also find that the sheen/shine of the glassware becomes duller with age. Therefore, when purchasing Jadeite, always look for items with high shine and avoid pieces with a dull, scuffed or scratched surface.

  • Nicks and chips

Nicks and chips are other important things to look out for if you are buying jade-based glassware. While doing an inspection of glassware, you should always run your fingers and fingernails around the edges of the piece and also visually inspect the pieces for chips. While running your fingernails, you can feel the rough surface, or your nails can catch on any chips. Usually, you can find issues on the edges of the glassware. However, as it is difficult to see these issues with bare eyes, running your thumbnail over it might be the best way to detect it.

  • Worn painting

In order to indicate what is inside, several items such as canisters, salt and pepper shakers, jadeite mugs usually have printed words written on them. With time, printing usually wears off and fades away. When the printing is not clear, it can reduce the value of the jadeite item significantly. It would help if you looked for pieces that have clear and dark lettering whenever possible.

  • Staining and permanent marks

There are times when you will come across jadeite coffee mugs that have stained over time that look like a yellow stain that won’t come off. This stain will surely bring the overall value down. Thus, it would be best if you avoided anything that has a stain that cannot be removed because you surely don’t want a big stain on display.

These are the six things you should consider while buying jadeite items. Look out for them.

Originally, jadeite was meant to be cheap glassware which naturally meant it did not undergo various quality checks before being sold in the marketplace. Thus, it came with its own set of common manufacturing flaws usually caused by firing or mould processes. Some of these do not affect the value of these items rather help them in giving an aesthetic appeal. Some of these flaws include:

  • Mould marks
  • Roughness
  • White marks
  • Glow
  • Straw marks and ripples


If you consider all the above pointers while buying jade-based items, you will surely know how to spot, avoid damage, wear, and flaws to make an informed purchase. Make sure your next purchase is a great one. Always check before buying.

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