January 19, 2022

Top Six Cake Stands that Bakers Swear By

Top Six Cake Stands that Bakers Swear By

One of the undeniable sources of happiness comes from cakes due to many reasons. It is often considered a symbol of happiness, and this soft, creamy, and succulent delicacy is why cake stands have become popular. Be it a mosser glass cake stand or a wooden stand; people worldwide love using them for displaying beautiful cakes and other baking items.

In this world, there is hardly anyone who does not like cake. They are flavorful, soft, sweet, and an incredibly tasty treat, but the real heroes behind these tasty treats are the bakers. They create magic out of sugar, flour, and flavors to make drool-worthy layers of cakes we love so much. However, no bakers are just satisfied with making the perfect cake. Cake presentation is another art that most bakers excel at. Since cakes are used for multiple reasons and not just for birthdays, cake presentations have become real. Many bakers learn the art of cake presentations and use various cake stands for showcasing their talent.

When it comes to cake presentations, not everyone gives much importance to the cake stands. However, it should not be the case. Without a proper cake stand, one cannot expect to show off their creative baking skills correctly. Selecting the right cakestand is also a task which is why we are listing you the top 10 cake stands bakers swear by. On that note, let us get started.

Types of cake stands

In a time of Pinterest and social media, cakes should look as appealing as the taste. Fortunately, there are right kinds of cake stands for this deed. They happen to be those unsung heroes that give the cake the credibility they deserve. Available in many types and designs, the stands work efficiently to show off the texture, shape, and style of a cake.

  • Mosser Glass Cake Stand

A Mosser glass cake stand comes with straighter sides when compared to traditional ones, implying that you don't lose any space towards the top of the stand where the sides might curve in. It also means that there will be no squashed edges. These stands also feature a large and easy to grasp handle. Basically, these cake stands come in two sizes:

-10 inch cake stand that measures 10" d x 8" h (25cm diameter x 20cm high)

-12 inch cake stand that measures 12" d x 9" h

Mosser Glass is family-owned and runs a company based in Ohio. They hand-press top-notch glassware since 1971, evoking a vintage feel with colored milk glass and intricate molded designs. Thus, these glass pieces are specially designed to be used and loved for generations to come.

  • Fleur d'/ Wooden Cake Stand

Fleur d' or wooden cake stand is perfect for giving your sweets and savories the uplift they need. It is simple, smooth, yet elegant and features two wooden layers connected with a balancing beam. These stands are perfect for a social gathering that requires you to prepare well and give extra attention to all the food preparation.

  • Two-Tier Cake Stand

A two-tier cake stand is an essential part of the cake is for anniversaries or weddings. They are elegant, simple, and provide nice support to protect the cake perfectly. Invest in a wooden two-tier cake stand if you have some minimalistic cake ideas in your mind. Moreover, they are classy, simple, and cost-effective.

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  • Rotatable Elegant Cake Stand

The rotatable wedding cake stand is one of the favorites among bakers as they are gorgeous, chic, and have a wooden texture that is subjected to easy rotation. This arrangement allows the users to place the cake and decorate it according to their convenience.

If you are preparing a galaxy glazed cake, a rotatable cake stand is a perfect thing. You can add the cream and gelatin from the top and then rotate the stand to complete the cake's design. This cake stand is not just limited to cake; you can also serve sweets and savories.

  • Carbon Ceramic Cake Stand

Oftentimes, you spend a fortune on baking an excellent artsy cake. However, it won't be worth all the effort, time, and money without decorating. An ideal suggestion for improving the overall appeal of the cake is to go for a carbon-ceramic cake stand. It comes with a hand-marbled texture against an amazing backdrop, making the cake stand look mesmerizing. So, if you place any cake on the stand, it is sure to look ravishing.

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  • Aurora Cake Stand

If you have a stylish cake stand in your mind, then an aurora cake stand is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a marble slab connected with three Hinges for offering optimal support. It might look heavy, but it does not weigh that much. This kickstand is designed to support different types of cakes for different occasions; the best thing about it is that the marble slab exhibits sophisticated texture, which is quite easy to clean.

There you have it. The list is now complete. So based on your requirements of cake, choose the cake stand and bring out the gorgeousness in the cakes. Happy Baking!


You must be now aware of the top five cake stands that most bakers swear by to ace their cake decoration art. These stands are not just limited to offering decorations for cake but other items too.


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