September 21, 2021

Your Christmas Décor List Is Here

Your Christmas Décor List Is Here

When it comes to Christmas, you can never be too early to buy things. No matter how much you prepare, you will always leave something for the last-minute shopping. Which is why, you should start making a list and buy items as soon as possible.

Christmas is the most hectic day of the year. Shopping for décor items take the most time. The good news is that you can buy a few items and use them for every Christmas. Karen Didion santas and elves are one of the most popular Christmas décor items. This year, stay ahead and buy décor items with the help of this list.

Here is the list of Christmas décor items you must have to make the occasion even more special.

1. Karen Didion Santas

Karen Didion started making santas for fun while having a full-time job. But soon the handmade, unique santas in colorful attires became popular. They are now considered as collectibles and you can buy Karen Didion Originals online. Each piece of Santa is handmade by her. The eyes and face are hand-painted. Karen Didion santas are known for their colorful attire and amusing expressions on the face. They are classic piece of home décor that can make your Christmas come alive every year.

2. Karen Didion Elves

Just like the santas, Karen Didion elves are unique collectible items. They are handcrafted by the artist as well. The same amusing expression, hand-painted faces and colorful clothing make Karen Didion elves a must-have Christmas décor items. There are a wide variety of Karen Didion elves and having them in your collection will make Christmas even more beautiful. These are the type of home décor items that can be used throughout the year.

3. Christmas Tree and accessories

There can be no Christmas without a Christmas tree, tree skirt, ornaments, tree topper and more. Make sure that you have a perfect Christmas tree for the occasion. Today, synthetic or artificial Christmas trees are used. They are more durable and fire-safe unlike the natural trees. And you can use the tree for many Christmas without worrying about the leaves drying up after a few days. Environmentally concerned people will vouch for artificial trees. But many want to keep the true Christmas tradition alive with real tree. It all depends on your preference.

4. Candles

Don’t forget to get candles. Christmas theme candles are very popular and they smell good. You can make your Christmas home décor come alive with beautiful smell. It will definitely help you create a festive look. You will have plenty of options to choose from. There are so many wonderful scents available and you can even buy candles in different colors. You might be able to use these candles for other purposes too.

5. String Lights

Christmas is incomplete without the string lights. They are so versatile that you can use them around the house any way you like. What’s more. You can use these lights for other occasions too like birthdays and parties. If you haven’t already got them, make sure that it’s on your list. Even with minimalist decoration, you can make your Christmas décor come alive with some string lights.

6. Stockings

Kids love finding their gifts wrapped in stockings and adults like it too, even if they don’t say it out loud. Make sure that you have stockings and stocking hooks for every member of the family. This is a huge part of Christmas tradition and a must-have décor item that everyone should put on their list. It will feel like a wonderful Christmas.

7. Putz Houses

Little putz houses can make your home look a perfect Christmas card. They come in so many designs and styles. A Christmas village with putz houses can make you the occasion even more Christmassy.  

The Bottom Line

These are some of the important Christmas décor items you must have on your shopping list. Things like Karen Didion santas and elves can make the occasion even more special. Don’t forget to buy the important items on the list.

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