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Karen didion creates some of the worlds greatest collectible santas. Their quality surpasses all others in design and color. We always say *the clothes make the difference* and this is obvious when comparing collectible santas. Her 2020 line plus her other santas of previous years are now becoming available ,so buy early to guarantee you will get the one you want before they sell out (and many do sell out)   we are proud to be one of karen didion most respected on-line sellers of her collection. We have sold her collections for over 3 years now and you can ask them, we give the best in care and customer service on every order...we do honor their pricing,,which is set by the company.. Your order will ship direct from karen didion to you to guarantee you get the original.. Thanks for browsing,,,its early too list christmas,,but it is the best time to buy,,and we wanted you to be able to browse the newest,,,or even some of her previous years collection... Thanks so much we offer free shipping on purchases over 60.00....   They are back,,,and as cute as ever....the karen didion elf assortments sell out every year,,,but there are some in stock now so you better hurry and buy a set or two...    Here is one of the most popular set of elves--and sells out every year---the 4 piece themed elf assortment. Each are 9 inches tall and have their own personal theme in appearance and attire...what an attitude.....   Our 9 inch four piece themed elf assortment is great for any shelf, mantle, and countertop. The quality is unmatched with these decorative pieces' hand-painted faces, glass inset eyes, unique fabric, and detailed accessories. With each elf's unique and jovial design, this traditional christmas set is sure to add character and style to any home. Elves must be purchased as the set of four. May be sold retail individually. Stand not included.elves must be purchased as the set of four.

Karen Didion elves are much loved like the Karen Didion santas. Each piece is so unique even though they look the same. She handmakes each piece and the clothes are the striking point of her creative design. Karen Didion elves original collection comes in a set of 4 pieces and make for an excellent home décor item. They will make your living area come alive, especially during the holiday season.

Karen Didion elves are special in many ways and they can be displayed on bars, kitchen, or countertops. These unique, vintage style elves are handcrafted and the face is hand painted. This make pieces even more special. Karen Didion elves are an affordable and unique way to decorate your home during the holiday seasons.

The cheerful colors and attention to details make the pieces stand out from the rest of decorative items. They are eye-catching and the vintage design makes them look different than the modern décor items. If you want to make an impression on your guests then the Karen Didion elves are a perfect choice.

The Karen Didion elves make for a great gift or collectible items. These beautiful pieces add value and create a festive environment.

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We are an authorized dealer of Karen Didion elves and offer 100% original items. We bring you the best selection of Karen Didion elves and santas at a very competitive price. You can easily buy them online and we will make sure that the items are safely delivered at your doorsteps.

We only have original pieces and rest assured that we don’t sell duplicates copies. You will get the products directly from the maker. We strive to provide our customers with amazing home décor options that are affordable and unique.

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