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Some of the most popular styles of vintage dinnerware if the jadeite,,whether antique vintage,,or new vintage item.. And who makes the best on the market today??? It is mosser glass company.. they specialize in many colors and styles,,but their most popular is the vintage green jadeite...the jadeite cup is out of site on the antique trail and the mosser glass item is just like the old...,,but new... Has the d handle.. And cup is a 9 oz are the antiques... If you want the best,,, buy mosser...   The mosser jadeite coffee Set of 4 ……..   Priced below suggested retail plus shipping.. Suggested retail is about 22-25.00...each...   Item comes direct to you from mosser to guarantee you the original...processing time usually 5-7 days from mosser.

Mosser Glass specializes in making beautiful jadeite mug. It is a vintage style mug you can still buy today. It has the same design and D-shaped handle like it was when it was first made decades ago. If you are looking for some vintage style dinnerware, add this jadeite mug to the list and you will have an amazing collection

A set of 4 jadeite mugs of 9 oz, is an excellent choice for gifts for relatives and close friends.

The Mosser Glass Jadeite Mug

This jadeite mug is a handcrafted piece from the beloved home décor brand Mosser Glass. It is a beautiful color and classic shape that will make a great addition at your dinner table. It is an easy to clean mug made from the special glass mold that Mosser Glass is known for.

It is a 9oz cup, which is a classic size for cups. A set of 4 jadeite mugs designed to for many years of reliable use. It offers easy grip with D handle and you can see the handcrafted touch of the artisans at Mosser Glass. The brand name itself is enough to make you want to own one of these for sure.

Buy Vintage Jadeite Mug Online

Jhardy Home Décor offers beautiful jadeite mug of 4 sets from the brand Mosser Glass. You can easily order the item online and we will make sure that you the products safely delivered at your doorsteps. We are an authorized supplier of Mosser Glass items listed on this website. Rest assured that you will get 100% original product from us. All the items come from Mosser Glass factory and are 100% genuine. We offer the best price for the items so that you can easily own one of these vintage pieces.

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